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Robert Stewart & Tanya Balcar
Bob and Tanya were born in England. They have made Kodaikanal their home for the last twenty five years and are founder members of the Trust. They are members of several conservation and eco-restoration groups. They are the main (self taught) botanists of the group and maintain all the scientific data as well as write the reports.
Their interests lie in the flora of the Western Ghats along with insects, birds and amphibians. Bob is a keen macro photographer of plants, and does all of the writing for the Trust whilst having an aversion to computers. Tanya is the main communicator to the local population and Forest Department and luckily does not have an aversion to computers. She also maintains the accounts for the Trust.

A. Jeykumar Albert
Jey is from Kodaikanal. He co-ordinates with other N.G.O's, represents the Trust at Tamil medium meetings and conferences, does cartography work with the minimum of equipment, helps with routine office work and co-ordinates the work force. Jey's wife Amala, whilst not a Trust member, gives invaluable help in translating our English into Tamil - a rare skill, as well as updating one of our many data bases.
Jey's interests lie in the native plants, eco-restoration, environment awareness and the education of tribal youth and women.

Francis David John
Francis is from Trichy. He is also a member of the Nilgiri Wildlife and Environment Association (NWLEA). He is interested in wildlife and related issues. He has a special interest in organic and bio-dynamic agriculture. He was instrumental in expanding the Trusts interest to the Nilgiris with a view to future activity there.

N. Mohanraj
Mohanraj is from Ooty in the Nilgiris. He is an active member of the NWLEA, having established most of its current activities ie wildlife censoring and educational programmes as well as their newsletter, Tahr. He is skilled in GPS work, making maps for the Forest Departments of both Kerala and Tamil Nadu as well as training their personnel. His skill with computers has helped the Trust to develop presentations on various subjects with satellite imagery to enhance them. His main interests include wildlife, eco-restoration and work in the field of conservation using GIS / Remote sensing. He is currently working with WWF.

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