Indian Bison (Gaur) in Kurinji
(photo courtesy Ian Lockwood)

Hello and welcome to Vattakanal Conservation Trust. We are an NGO (non-government organization) based in the Palni Hills, Tamil Nadu.

Our goal is to promote the conservation of the native plants of the South Western Ghats and the Nilgiris and their habitats by raising plant nurseries, establishing conservation gardens and restoring habitats to ensure the survival of specific species and eco-systems.

We also help the development of horticultural skills amongst local people. We hope to create awareness of the intrinsic value of nature in all its forms, and aim to encourage the spirit of voluntarism in society to fulfil these aims and objectives.

Wanted - a Plant Person who will get their hands dirty
The Vattakanal Conservation Trust is in the process of developing what might be called a business model. The idea is to develop a sales outlet that will generate income that will facilitate the aims of the Trust well into the 21st Century. Care of the Trusts unique and expanding collection of rare exotic plants which would form the backbone of the business now rests with its ageing founding members. We need a young person to assume this responsibility. A qualification in horticulture would be appropriate. More than that a passion for plants, their care and cultivation and the ability to train and motivate others is the first requirement. An interest in ecological restoration, the core activity of the Trust would also be required.

Tell us about yourself.

We would also welcome students of horticulture who are seeking internships.

Kodaikanal Garbage Initiative with the Jim Carmem Memorial Fund

Our problems with rubbish in Kodaikanal are well known. Particularly along the streams. We are focusing on the Pambar stream from Fairy Falls to the Vattakanal bridge. Our rare and endangered plants are being smothered by household waste!

Please see the following website for more information, news and pictures -


Cyathea crinita

So far the contribution of VCT to the in and ex-situ conservation, protection and cultivation  of the species has been omitted. We nurture them for many years to ensure their survival in the wild or in gardens. With 105 to date planted and dozens more being nurtured

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Umbilicus species. A new Genus for India